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All the comforts of a real home

Our Commitment

What matters most to us is the care and attention you receive.  One benefit of being a part of the Winterhaven community is that the owner and administrator, Lucie Hatch, plays an active role in the delivery of the assisted living services.  This means you will have her immediate availability should concerns arise.

Family Atmosphere

As you consider leaving your home to move into an assisted living community it is easy to be distracted by the hotel-like ambiance of larger facilities. They tend to mesmerize you with long winding driveways, fancy chandeliers, fireplaces and restaurant-like dining areas. However, the reality is that none of those amenities has a direct bearing on the quality of healthcare you will receive. What really matters is the care and attention you will receive from the facility's staff, and the home-like setting in which care should be delivered. If you agree, then you should consider Winterhaven as your long-term care destination.


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Lucie and Phil Hatch

Both permanent long-term care and temporary short-term respite/convalescent care options are available.